For the best city to start a business, or for business relocation, the City of Moreno Valley offers business incentive programs to help businesses and residents thrive.  One such incentive program is Hire MoVal.

The Hire MoVal program provides incentives to businesses located in Moreno Valley that hire Moreno Valley residents. There are four parts to this program that businesses can take advantage of:

  1. Hire MoVal – Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) rate reductions

The City of Moreno Valley runs its own electric utility. Businesses in Moreno Valley that employ 150 or more and are within the MVU boundaries are eligible to receive additional electric rate discounts for hiring local residents. Businesses can receive an additional 2% rate discount for hiring 20% of their workforce from Moreno Valley residents, or an additional 4% rate discount for hiring 40% of their workforce from Moreno Valley residents.

  1. Hire MoVal – Small Business

Small and medium-sized business owners, don’t despair! Moreno Valley has incentive programs for you, too. Businesses with less than $200,000 in gross revenues receive a business license fee waiver if they hire 40% from Moreno Valley residents. Business owners also receive free one-on-one expert business consulting services and workshops. Additionally, Moreno Valley Utility offers businesses energy audits, energy efficiency programs and a level payment plan.

  1. Hire MoVal – Hire a Graduate

Moreno Valley businesses can receive incentives for hiring local residents who have recently graduated or earned a certificate from an accredited college or university. A $1,000 stipend is awarded per graduate, for up to five graduates. There aren’t many easier ways to receive up to $5,000!

  1. Hire MoVal – Hire a MoVal Veteran

Hire a MoVal Veteran program allows businesses to receive $1,000 per veteran they hire, up to a maximum of five new veteran hires. Eligible businesses must have an active business license, be located in the City of Moreno Valley and retain the employee for at least six months for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Veterans must be a Moreno Valley resident, have served a minimum of 90 days, have received an honorable discharge and prove they were released from active duty under honorable conditions by providing DD-214 discharge papers.

If you’re in search of commercial space or relocating a business, Moreno Valley is the best city in which to start a business. For assistance with site selection or for more information about the Hire a MoVal program, please visit or contact or 951.413.3475.