Development Services

We’re Serious About Service

Pro-business Philosophy

The City of Moreno Valley is committed to your business’ success and partners with you through every phase of the development process. The City accelerates your business opportunities with our commitment to a pro-business culture and concierge business services. We fast track business development with unparalleled plan check turnaround times that consistently beat other agencies in the region.

The City consistently leads the region in business growth, land and facility absorption with an array of development opportunities, entitled projects, and available lease space at competitive rates.

Go MoVal Strike Team

The GO MoVal Strike Team consists of departments from throughout the City that facilitate the attraction, expansion, and retention of companies who are looking to call Moreno Valley their home. The team of Directors from all City departments stands ready to assist businesses with any and all needs.

We understand that time is money and the Economic Development Team will scramble the GO MoVal Strike Team of decision-making staff to answer your questions and address your concerns.

ED Team

Cruz Esparza IV
Economic Development & Housing Director

Michele Patterson
Economic Development Manager

Keith Gemmell
Business & Workforce Development Division Manager

Development Services

Sean Kelleher
Acting Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director

Jason Niccoli
Electric Utility Division Manager

Doug Bloom
Fire Marshal

Development Services

Wei Sun
Principal Engineer/City Traffic Engineer

James Verdugo
Building Division Manager/Official

Moreno Valley is development ready

Our team is here to help

Entitlement / Permitting

The Economic Development Team offers concierge service to businesses and developers. We serve as a project partner during any and all phases of site selection, due diligence, entitlement, permitting, and construction processes. If an issue arises, the ED Team collaborates with the City’s Development Divisions to help you find creative solutions!

Accelerated Plan Check

The City of Moreno Valley Moves at the Speed of Business with the fastest plan check turn-around times in the area. The Economic Development Team is committed to excellence and works with businesses every step of the way throughout the development process.  Download the Plan Check Turnaround Matrix to see how we compare.

Development Help Desk

We’ve collected crucial development information from relevant City divisions into one convenient place where you can find links to all of the resources you might need to develop a project in the City of Moreno Valley.

Development Help Desk

Builder’s Advisory

Access information about the 2013 California Building Code (CBC) for all new permit applications.

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Building Inspection

Ready for building inspection? Timing is based on availability. Check the next available inspection date and schedule your inspection online.

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City Contacts

Link to phone numbers and email addresses for Moreno Valley Development Departments that you may wish to contact:

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Standard Plans

Save time by following Standard Engineering Plans in your design and construction. Download the entire set or just the plan that you need.

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Community Contacts

Link to a list of important contact numbers, including utilities, school districts, medical care, and other government agencies.

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Review “snapshots” about Moreno Valley’s local and regional demographics. Request a customized report for your strategic location.

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Developing your budget and wondering what will my project cost? Access the entire current Fee Table or just the Development Impact Fees.

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Flow Charts

Review helpful flow charts about engineering reviews during the entitlement, plan check, and inspection phases of your project.

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Access various forms and applications for Building & Safety, Business License, Fire Prevention, Land Development, Planning, etc.

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General Plan

Confirm your project is consistent with the City’s circulation, environmental, economic and social goals related to land use.

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Landscape Standards

Get help designing your development project’s landscaping. Includes the City’s the submittal and plan approval processes.

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Maps of the City

Consider detailed maps about commercial/industrial developments. Access interactive site search maps or link to the City’s online GIS.

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Municipal Code

Looking for the City’s laws about zoning, permitted uses, construction, etc.? Find the easy-to-use online version of the City’s Municipal Code.

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Get guidance on Water Quality Management Plan compliance. Download a checklist and template for submitting project information.
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Find out if the zoning of the property is right for your business. Find sites where your business can operate to narrow down potential locations.

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