One of the unique incentives that the City of Moreno Valley offers to businesses and residents is the popular Business & Employment Resource Center, or BERC. Operated in partnership with the County of Riverside and recently designated as an America’s Job Center of California, the BERC is a one-stop resource center for all Moreno Valley businesses, large and small alike, offering services that include:

  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Employee recruitments
  • Job announcements
  • Veterans employment services


When businesses are looking to expand or relocate, a critical factor in the site selection process is the availability of skilled labor and access to talent. Moreno Valley has a strong workforce of more than 104,000. And businesses currently located in the City, or those who are in the process of relocating here have direct access to our workforce through the BERC’s programs. Moreno Valley’s BERC quickly connects businesses with the right employees at no cost.


The BERC offers the following services for businesses:

  • Advertising for open positions: We work closely with Moreno Valley businesses to maintain a comprehensive listing of open positions. Each week, we update our jobs website ( with full time and part time positions available with Moreno Valley employers. At the request of employers, we also create tailored job announcements for open positions which are distributed via email to a job seekers list of more than 26,000 subscribers.
  • Employment testing and pre-screening: The BERC is available to supplement the needs of your HR department. In partnership with the County of Riverside, we offer software for candidates to submit an application or skills testing to your business. We also provide screening services by reviewing all applications and providing your business with applicants that best fit your requirements.
  • Interview support: Moreno Valley businesses may utilize the BERC’s ample space for interview sessions. We’ll provide the room with tables and chairs and a waiting area for your interviewees. We’ll also notify you when an applicant checks in for their interview and will ensure each applicant has their resume and other needed materials ready to go.
  • Job fairs: The BERC can host your next job fair! We have the capability to host an in-person event, a virtual job fair or even a drive-through event where applicants never leave their vehicle. We provide the facility and the promotion. We’ll also work with you on all support items, like check-in of applicants, applicant assessments and substance screenings if needed, and our facility has computers and wi-fi for your applicants to complete all of their paperwork.


Moreno Valley’s Business & Employment Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for all Moreno Valley businesses. Visit or contact us to learn more.


Moreno Valley Business & Employment Resource Center

12625 Frederick Street