The Moreno Valley City Council announces the approval of the largest single industrial development project in California’s history – the World Logistics Center (WLC) is a world class business park specifically designed to support the requirements of large global companies and their logistics operations. Featuring advanced technologies and innovative architecture, the World Logistics Center is destined to become one of the premier business centers in Southern California. With this approval, Moreno Valley is now a full-fledged player in the global economy.

“The World Logistics Center is a game-changer of proportional magnitude, not only for the City but the entire region,” said Moreno Valley Mayor Jesse Molina.

The 2,610-acre campus will be one of the most sustainable developments of its kind incorporating the highest environmental standards. The WLC’s innovative environmental design, water conservation strategies as well as its use of the cleanest diesel technology available will ensure the utmost in environmental compatibility, ensuring minimal impact on both people and the environment.

“The project’s groundbreaking design and state-of-the-art sustainable features sets a new industry standard and provides the leadership necessary to move the entire industry to its next level. Partnering with Highland Fairview, one of the most innovative and leading development firms will give Moreno Valley the competitive edge it needs to succeed. The phenomenal success of Highland Fairview’s Sketchers which set a new standard for logistics facilities is known internationally, and I am sure, the World Logistics Center project will do the same”, said CBRE Vice Chairman Darla Longo.

The World Logistics Center Specific Plan encompasses 2,610 acre and carries out the City vision set out in the City’s Economic Development Action Plan. The specific Plan establishes a clear vision for the land located in the easterly portion of Moreno Valley – east of Redlands Boulevard, south of the Moreno Valley Freeway (State Route 60), and west of Gilman Springs Road.

The World Logistics Center supports the City’s vision to create a logistics campus designed for development of up to 40.6 million square feet of premier industrial high-cube logistics facilities. The project will also include high quality office and other support facilities. Master planned by Highland Fairview, the World Logistics Center will create one of the largest logistics clusters in the world.

“We are happy to partner with the City of Moreno Valley in support of the City’s vision in bringing about this tremendous opportunity. The World Logistics Center is not just important for Moreno Valley; it is significant for California and is poised to become one of the preeminent business centers nationally and globally. We know it will be a great success,” said Highland Fairview President and CEO Iddo Benzeevi.

The WLC capitalizes on Moreno Valley’s strategic location placing it within an hour’s drive of every major market in Southern California, one of the world’s largest economies in of itself and the world’s number one logistics market. This unique location at the junction of two major transportation corridors (SR-60 and I-215) also places the WLC within overnight delivery range to the 11 western states and within expedient reach to over 200 million customers.

Moreno Valley is already the home to Fortune 500 and global companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Amazon, Sketchers USA, Deckers Outdoor, Philips Electronics, Harman Kardon, Walgreens, Serta Mattress, Aldi Foods and recently announced, Fisker Automotive. The WLC will promote vigorous economic growth by attracting global companies to the region.

The WLC will yield unprecedented benefit to Moreno Valley’s local economy, providing an estimated 13,000 construction jobs and 20,000 permanent jobs at a variety of skill levels – from entry level to management. The project is estimated to contribute approximately $2.5 billion annually in economic activity to the city and the region.

The WLC will also benefit from a ready local workforce with a broad base of skills. The developer, Highland Fairview has committed to provide nearly $7 million to promote education, library, training and workforce development to further prepare Moreno Valley residents for an estimated 20,000 jobs that will be created by the operation of the World Logistics Center. The WLC will put Moreno Valley on the map with a world-class business park that will attract American and international companies who demand high-tech logistics facilities.

The City Council’s approval shifts Moreno Valley’s economic development activities into high gear; business attraction will feature the synergies now available in partnership with the World Logistics Center. For more information about establishing a new business in Moreno Valley, please contact the Economic Development Department at or 951.413.3460.