On Tuesday, April 25, Mayor Ulises Cabrera and City Staff met with executives from Karma Automotive and B–ON to celebrate an innovative new partnership between the two great electric vehicle manufacturers.

During the meeting, the City highlighted the unique support opportunities available exclusively to Moreno Valley businesses. The City of Moreno Valley’s extensive employment programs, local business incentives, and educational workshops impressed Karma and B–ON executives. Business visits like this are common for Moreno Valley, and the City regularly welcomes new businesses and implements support strategies for community-wide success.

“The City and I are delighted to celebrate the partnership between Karma and B–ON,” said Mayor Ulises Cabrera. “The partnership has the potential to create additional Moreno Valley jobs and will keep us leaning toward the future. Technology is evolving rapidly through artificial intelligence, automation, and information sharing, so I am proud Moreno Valley is at the forefront of attracting modern companies.”

“The electric commercial vehicle market is heavily supply-driven—demand for the product continues to greatly outpace how fast manufacturers can make it, and likely will for years to come,” said Stefan Krause, Founder, Chairman and CEO of B–ON. “The City of Moreno Valley is home to all of the world-class talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative partner companies like Karma Automotive that B–ON needs to get a leg up on the competition and produce for the booming North, South, and Latin American markets.”

“It’s abundantly clear to us at Karma that the market for commercial electric vehicles is poised for rapid growth,” said Marques McCammon, CEO of Karma Automotive. “B–ON’s product is a proven winner in this market, and we are proud to partner with them to manufacture vehicles in Moreno Valley. Their product, combined with our existing technical expertise and customized, flexible manufacturing operational capabilities, is a recipe for success.”

First announced in February 2023, the partnership between Karma Automotive and B–ON makes Moreno Valley the only city in California boasting two electric vehicle producers.

Karma’s 555,000-square-foot Innovation and Customization Center offers a comprehensive range of flexible vehicle manufacturing, engineering, and customization services. The facility can produce 30,000 vehicles per year and is further supported by world-class engineering, homologation testing, vehicle certification, and supply chain management services.

Moreno Valley’s Economic Development Team works at the speed of business to create an environment where all local companies can thrive. To learn more about Moreno Valley’s exciting business climate, visit morenovalleybusiness.com.