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SCORE’s 5-workshop program gives you a practical overview of the fundamentals required to start a small business. Proven practices. Sound advice. Experienced and successful entrepreneurs themselves, our trained instructors will guide you through the first important steps.

Program Overview

October 7- Workshop 1: IntrStart-up Basics – Kat Shepherd
SCORE breaks down what could be an overwhelming task into manageable pieces, focuses on the essentials and provides specific action steps to get you started.

October 14 Workshop 2: Business Concept – Darlene Hawley
Receive step-by-step guidance on identifying your target markets, describing your products and services, and researching your competition to determine your concept’s feasibility.

October 21 Workshop 3: Marketing Plan – Kat Shepherd
In this introduction to marketing communications, learn how to maximize your customer reach. Outline and execute a marketing strategy. Test your marketing message. Choose the right sales channels. We discuss different marketing and pricing strategies, positioning, and the difference between features and benefits.

October 28 – Workshop 4: Financial Projections – Cinnamon Alvarez
Through hands-on instruction, learn how to forecast sales revenue and build solid, pro-forma financial forecasts. Discuss sales and prices, financial risks and rewards, true start-up costs, ongoing operating expenses, setting benchmarks for tracking progress and organizing all of your financial information.

November 4 -Workshop 5: Funding Sources – Colleen Meyer
How will you finance your business? Learn about sources of funds, accounting the six Cs of credit, banking relations

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