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Here we go! Happy New Year! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other social issues, California courts and our legislative representatives still found time to create new headaches for employers in 2021.  To reduce your risk with expensive employment legal matters, California employers and their managers/supervisors need to stay informed of the consistently changing employment law environment.

Join us as we discuss the following topics:

  • Amendments to the FEHA’s protected categories and required policy updates for all employers
  • Mandatory COVID-19 OSHA notice and Workers’ Compensation requirements
  • Amendments to AB 5, Dynamex and the use of independent contractors in the workplace
  • January 1, 2021 deadline for sexual harassment prevention training for employers
  • California Family Rights Act expansion to employers with five or more employees
  • The CalSavers Program is here – are you ready?
  • DLSE statute of limitations expansion on retaliation claims, and recovery of attorneys’ fees for whistleblowers
  • Significant local and state minimum wage changes
  • Expanded penalties for failure to pay wages
  • Individual liability for wage and hour violations
  • Leave law updates for crime victims
  • Arbitration do’s and don’ts and the U.S. Supreme Court’s view on class waivers (AB 51 update)
  • Rest and meal break relief for certain industries
  • What’s new about commute time?

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