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Event Series Event Series: CVSBDC Webinar: Ready, Set, Grow!

Drive your business to the next level with this new small business development course!

Planning & People
Business planning can play out in many different ways. Anytime upper
management comes together to plan for the success of a business, it is a form of
business planning. In this module, we will explore Growth Strategies and the
People needed to outline a summary of the business’s current state, as well as
the state of the broader market, along with detailed steps the business will
take to improve performance and manage growth in the future.

Sales & Marketing
There is only one boss: CUSTOMERS! Growth in your business is all about attracting new customers and/or expanding what your existing customers are buying from you. This module will take your growth plan and help you hone in your efforts on bettering the outcomes of your current marketing efforts, defining your target areas that you are trying to reach, and developing a strategy to grow your customer base.

Cash & Finance
Cash Flow is the total amount of money flowing into and out of a business. It is
the measure of liquidity. Where do you start? Revenue Streams
In this module, we will dive deep into Financial forecasting, the process of
estimating or predicting how a business will perform in the future. The formal
forecasts are usually referred to as Projections and include; Profit & Loss
Projection, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Projections.

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